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When the 'Reasonable People' Make Unreasonable Demands

I have no desire to address the demeanor of atheists or theist. However, I would like to address this one statement I keep hearing from Atheist without relent; so, I may have to address their demeanor just a little bit and in a general sense. I've been arguing with a guy recently who basically has a very poorly informed Atheism, and by that I mean most Atheist would be ashamed of him. So, I apologize if this seems like I'm railroading Atheist. I have great respect for many Atheists and their arguments. That being said, this is designed as a treatment of the Atheists who commit the error discussed, so that theists can recognize it and defend accordingly; I have no intentions of painting with a brush all Atheists. Many people who don't know what to believe think that being an atheist is a magic pill to being smarter than everyone else, but we all know that really they're just as ignorant as before. In fact, I think that 'The Amazing Atheist' on Youtube says something to the same effect.

Likewise, theists in general take for granted that they are right and hobble around on crutches, arguments that dismiss people on principle. They parrot to themselves and to each other," They're blinded by the god of this age." or," The ways of God are foolishness to men and the ways of men are foolishness to God." or ,"The cross is foolishness to those who are perishing." So, if they do make fools of themselves and say something stupid, and someone points it out and holds them accountable for it... suddenly their opponents are written of as having been hopelessly deceived by the great Satan himself. And other utterly stupid, unenlightened, and superstitious beliefs have they.

There never seems to be a shortage on the internet of fundamentalist Atheists and fundamentalist Christians to fight each other. It's as if each is the others private hell. They pass their time, futily trying to control each others beliefs and thoughts. In the midst of all this, they deteriorate into bizarre irrationalism and abandon what they said they had a sole claim to in the first place; namely, reason.

The product is a seemingly endless droning of illogical reasoning designed not so much to reveal the truth, but to torture and shame one another. Out of this comes an Atheist argument which seems natural," Show me God." However, very often they don't employ it to soundly defeat the theist or even to dumbfound them, but rather to embarrass the theist in front of whoever is watching. This argument is of course is a rather ignoble means on the Atheist's part, when so employed, to end the exhausting discussion by shaming his opponent instead of nobly claiming victory if it can be had through arguing well. Beginning like a man the atheist finishes like a boy, looking for a way to make his escape.

Further, before I continue onto my point which is actually quite brief, I have another criticism for both of them. That is, both sides only argue until one side is worn out; and the end point in the conversation is always for both of them their own position."We'll argue until one of us seems so right that the other is shamed beyond recovery." Yeah, that's the way to find the truth. And this is why I have a very egalitarian disposition towards the members of all such discussions, regardless of their beliefs.

Anyway, back to the whole point of the note, here. "Show me God," it seems to be a natural argument, doesn't it? Now, a natural question is necessarily a reasonable question, because reason is the course of nature and pertains to what exists and is fiduciary. However, the whole reason an Atheist supplies a reasonable question is to demonstrate that the theist has no reasonable answer.

But what we have here is a bifurcated strawman, which is an error of logic. If theists were claiming that God is quantitative, then asking to be shown God would be a reasonable request. However, it's quite the opposite isn't it? Mainstream theists, specifically Christians, maintain that God is uncreated and immeasurable. There are no measurable traits concerning God.

Imagine if you will that God is in form like a man. Let's just say that "God" in the most general sense is a man with the attribute of "immeasurability." His eye would be infinitely big and infinitely small; his knee would be infinitely big and infinitely small, and so on. He would be patently unobservable. There would be no point of reference to even make a measurement. These are the natural consequences of the theistic argument; God is immeasurable, therefore, God is unobservable.

Demanding to be shown God, then, is taking the theist out of context and demanding that he defend the strawman. That is absurd and ridiculous; not only because it has nothing to do with the argument of the theist, but because it demands the theist to defend something irrational. It's all highly irregular and unethical concerning civil discussions. Asking to be shown God is the same species of nonsense as if I were to tell you all that morality is 57cm long and periwinkle blue.

Aside from all this, even if this wasn't the case, and it's self-evident that it is, the request is still absurd. Let's say that God is observable, and therefore measurable. Let's play along with the Atheist. Now, imagine a little child begins to petulantly demand that an accurate and exhaustive explanation be given them concerning nuclear reactors. Do you suppose that just anyone of the child's peers will be able to teach him? No. Do you suppose that the older children will be able to teach him? No. Do you expect that the adults will be able to teach him? No. Only certain individuals will be able to supply that sort of knowledge; professors of high calibur, correct? And those scientists, don't they only teach to a select few other adults who have proven at length that they can understand what they will be taught? And so is the child even qualified to be taught by those teachers? No. Is the child even qualified to comprehend the discussion of the students? No. Can the child comprehend or understand the subject, then? No. Can the child's demand be met? Yes, a scientist could tell them everything they wanted to know. Will the child be satisfied? By no means, because he will not understand.

Now, imagine the child begins to mock the scientist because they couldn't teach him. Doesn't the child fail to realize that it was prevented from being satisfied in the inquiry because of its own ignorance and not that of the teacher's? So, if all these things naturally follow, how is it that Atheists have missed this? Not even the child would assume that everyone could be his teacher, but here the atheist demands that everyone who is a theist explain. The Atheist assumes that every theist is apt to teach on a subject they themselves couldn't possibly comprehend(God); it would be more reasonable to assume that all people who use nuclear power are nuclear physicists, and that is an insane notion.  Even further, the Atheist takes for granted that they will understand perfectly everything that is propounded to them in the way of religion, science and evidences. What a singular dispensation of fortune these Atheists have, to understand everything and at all times!

How they can justify being dismissive of religion and God because someone made a weak argument for, I cannot tell. What's worse is when some poor wretch comes along and is tricked by the abundance of words into believing that the strawman the Atheist made for them is indeed their argument, then that poor unfortunate fool goes and defends the strawman to the death and fails utterly. And the Atheist pats himself on the back because he tricked a simple fellow into defending a strawman.

So, here we have it, that in both cases the request of the Atheist is irrational, unreasonable; whether we follow the the theists argument, or even if we experiment with the strawman the Atheist creates. I am more and more convinced that man does not want to know the truth; and I am reminded of the ancient words that say," The evil flee from the light and love the darkness." I've never offended more men than when I'm telling the truth and I've never seen them more at ease than when they share a common ignorance. One in a thousand maybe, I have seen who truly care for the truth and rejoice when they find it. Together they hypothesize, experiment, find conclusions, and make theories and strive to understand one another, to find the truth and agree in one thing. These men are excellent and well hated amongst the ignorant who always resent them.

Well, keep these things in mind the next time one of you is debating with an atheist. Make reasonable demands of him, that he not take you out of context or force you to reply to his statements that do not address your position. I find that I am often bettered and taught by a sincere atheist, even more often than I am a theist. If you can walk slowly the path of respect in such inquiries, you may find that you can do much good for each others souls.

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