Saturday, 18 May 2013

The Worst Kind of People

I want to talk about the worst, most wretched, deplorable, and intolerable kind of person... the complainer. We've all heard the saying," There are some people who just want to watch the world burn." these are the complainers. I know that seems terribly ironic, given the fact that they would complain about it (the world burning), but in point of fact, it truly is the case, because they hate everything. Literally. Whether they admit it or not. Whether they admit it to themselves or others; the hate being alive and they hate creation. Coincidentally, the saintly person also wants to see the world burn. As Christ said," I came to set a fire in the earth, and how I wish it were already blazing!"

What's the difference? The difference is that Christ is talking about theosis. Christ came to become "the first of many", and it is written," God is an all consuming fire." And again, it is written," You shall be as gods to the Egyptians (the world)." Christ wanted to destroy "the world." Of course, we understand "the world" to be the flesh, the passions, the disorder. He also wanted to restore man to the appropriate state of being which God intended for Him, which for a human is theoria: actually, mystically, and in every way being in the presence of God. Think about how Moses, foreshadowing if you will, the state man was to be in from the beginning, by ascending Mt. Horeb into the fire of God. God calls us not only into the fire, but just as Moses came down from the Holy Mountain radiant as the sun because of the glory of God, necessitating the Jews to shroud him because of the residue of the Shekinnah... God also calls us to become the fire, and merely by being in His presence this happens.

This is theosis. Gods being overwhelms our own. When you are truly in unity and submission to God, you become a flame! It's as if you held a burning match to a candle flame, it becomes one flame. This is why He sent them out "two by two," to bring light to the world... BY BURNING IT with the Fire of the Holy Spirit! And this was prefigured when Samson destroyed the crops of the Philistines by tying the tails of two foxes together with torches, so he might send them through the wheat fields and destroy the harvest. God the Father and God the Son share the same Holy Spirit. This is how they are unified. This is how they are a Trinity of Persons. God has given us His Holy Spirit! Through the merits of Christ, and the ministry of His Holy Church, we have bestowed upon us the same Bond which the Father and the Son share! There is nothing higher than this. We have literally been incorporated into the Body of Christ, Who is God.

The complainer is different. They want to see the world burn because they hate it. They want vengeance on everything. They are set on fire by hell itself, and like a burning wheat stalk, the birds (the fallen angels) take this son or daughter of perdition and throw it into a field that is not burning, amongst people who are bearing fruit. This way the creatures that scatter ahead of the flame can be easily devoured by the crows (recall the parable of the Sower). The grains in the ear burst from the heat, shooting out spreading further fire. Understand. "Satan uses all the sons and daughters of disobedience." All of them! And he throws them into places where the Master intends to harvest a good yield. You know the person. The person who destroys the group dynamic, complains about everything, drains everyone with their carping negativity, and contaminates the weak with their disease. The ones who stymie the work, who demoralize the good resolve, who endlessly pity themselves, and seek out commiseration. The person with contagious negativity. Perpetually they cry out," Woe is me!" or,"Why can't anything go right?" or more contemporarily," Murphy! All the time, Murphy!" These are set on fire by hell, and they have come to destroy you. They have come to stop what Christ is doing. They haven't come of their own will. They are slaves to ungratefulness and unrighteousness. Unfortunately, sometimes that is us; but others are this way all the time, without remedy or respite.

They always have an excuse for their failure, or their complaining. They always feel misunderstood. They always answer back. They are always drained, and if they are not, they are prepared to drain others. Tell a tree by its fruit! These are the most unhappy people you have seen! They are lost in substitutes for right doing, adrift in psychoses to justify it. They are hopeless addicts to diversion. These people are worse off than even homeless drunkards. At least, the homeless drunkard pukes on himself and doesn't complain. The rain pours on him and he goes out of the rain under a bridge and troubles no one. He sleeps and wakes up. He thinks about things, walks around. He sleeps against a grave stone on the ground and is happy he has something to prop up against; he delights in a shading tree. He looks happily on his past. He may even be out of his mind, but he somehow knows who he is and what his life is, and he lives it. For better or worse, there it is. He meets his life one day at a time.

Nothing is ever good enough for the complainer, however. They complain about the most menial of tasks, no matter how blessed the thankless git is. While others take courage, and cover up the wounds gotten in the battle of daily life to hearten themselves and those around them, lest anyone should despair at the slightest sight of suffering... that fool stands by and bemoans everything. "The sun is too hot... I'm tired... I'm hungry... I'm sick of this... someone disrespected me... someone was inconsiderate... that was mean... I'm bored... I hate the cold... I wish I were somewhere else... can you believe this happened to me?... what will we do for such and such a need?... I want." And any time a plan of theirs fails, or anytime they chance to see a plan fail they start gnashing their teeth, mouths full of lamentation and wailing. "If it wasn't for bad luck I'd have no luck at all! Why can't anything ever go right. I was going to do the right thing, but my plan was interrupted." And then the fool has the temerity to bemoan their loneliness. Who wants to be around someone like that? Someone who goes around ruining other people's lives with their stupidity and negativity, weighing others down with their imagined, inflated, and exaggerated burdens? As if no one else has struggles. Such a person is contemptible above a dog.

People wonder who the culprits are for why the world is such a horrible place. It's these godless people! It's these weeds who sap the strength of the soil from the wheat that ought to be yielding 30, 60, 100 fold. There isn't enough "grain" to go around, and yet people want to know why mankind is starving. These are the culprits, the ones who are destroying the yield. These are the locusts of hell sent up out of the abyss with human faces and tails like scorpions spoken of in Revelations, who destroy the crop. They captivate people with their negativity and inject them with their poison. These are exceedingly dangerous people who torment the human race, and provoke it to act irrationally and godlessly. They provoke the wrath of God, the same God who oft wanted to destroy Israel in the wilderness for the same sin. The same people who Moses interceded for so often that it wearied him and broke him.

You have to protect yourself from these people, and they are all around you. How can you protect yourself from these burning embers set on fire by hell? "But whoever drinks the water I give them will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give them will become in them a spring of water welling up to eternal life." Cleave to the Gospel, the Evangelion, the Good News! In so doing, by protecting yourself, you may yet extinguish one who comes into contact with you; obey the Lord assiduously, with alacrity and gladness! Dress all your works with holy zeal. For this reason St. Jude says,"And others save with fear, pulling them out of the fire; hating even the garment spotted by the flesh." Their sins are so contemptible even what they have come in contact with is worthy of hatred. They must be separated from it. Hopefully, such as these have not been consumed by the flame. Hopefully, there is more than ash once they are extinguished. But even if they are consumed they have hope in Christ. Because it is written," I am the Resurrection and the Life. Whoever believes in Me will live, even though they die."

So, don't engage this hellfire. Don't entertain it. Don't listen to it. If you have the power to, silence it. But above all else "make your call and election sure" through good works "as a good soldier of Christ." These things are acceptable. Take no not of such a deplorable person, and leave them to wallow in their self-pity like swine. Don't cast your pearls before these swine. Be something better, so that perchance you may entice them to something better. But don't go into the mire after them, and sully the "wedding garment." Don't let them destroy you and nullify God's promise to you, like they did to Moses, vexing him so much that he incidentally disobeyed God and disqualified himself from the "Promised Land." Be strong. Don't let them tempt you to wrath, because it is written," A fool's mouth calls for blows." Steady yourself and "do not sin in your anger." Trust in the Spirit of the Lord, and he will keep you from stumbling. The traps which these sons and daughters of disobedience have laid for you will ensnare and destroy them... if you hold fast in the faith and do no wrong. The Lord will deliver you from them shortly, whether by their conversion or their destruction (God forbid). Do not cease to pray to shield yourself from them. Merely avoid them and do well. 

"Every art and every inquiry, and similarly every action and choice, is thought to aim at some good; and for this reason the good has rightly been declared to be that at which all things aim." ~Aristotle~

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