Sunday, 13 February 2011


 I am appalled at the attitude of so many people who think they are shining examples of Catholics. I'm really sick of the people who live, think, believe, do and think they have the right to do all kinds of thing against the teachings of the Church and then hold up the 'Roman Catholic' card.

There are some non-negotiables if you are going to be a Catholic, necessities if you will. They are necessities, because if you reject them, or if you verbally attack those who do agree with them and defend them, you are wrong. It is one thing for you to silently disagree and work it out, accepting that you are wrong even if you don't understand why, nobly sorting out your own error. But it is quite another to puff up your chest at your fellow Catholics and verbally attack them for standing by the teachings of the Church, to act like they need to "join the modern world," to call them idiots, and to call them bigots.

So, without these 'necessities' you don't get to pull the Roman Catholic card. The fact that you are a Roman Catholic is immaterial to whether or not your personal opinions are correct. If you believe in in vetro and a fellow Catholic calls you on you heretical point of view, don't you dare pull the Roman Catholic card as if to say the Roman Catholic Church makes provision for your opinion, as if to say you are the same as the person correcting you. You ARE NOT the same as the person correcting you, because you are wrong and the Church does not make provision for your heretical opinion because it is not orthodoxy, it is heterodoxy.

So, here are some non-negotiables:

Abortion is NEVER o.k. If you tell someone that it is o.k., and they get an abortion you are excommunicated. If you help them procure an abortion in any fashion, with knowledge, you are excommunicated. If you advise abortion, you are excommunicated. If you publicly defend and endorse abortion, you are excommunicated. If you do any of these you are hell bound and damned, unless you repent with true contrition and immediately seek out the sacrament of reconciliation.

If your opinion on abortion does not meet with the teaching of the Church, you are not to receive the Holy Eucharist, because you are anathema.

In vitro fertilization is NOT o.k. You may not do it, you may not endorse it, you may not counsel persons in such a manner that brings it about.

"It is immoral to produce human embryos intended for exploitation as disposable biological material." This falls under murder and abortion. It is a mortal sin that immediately cuts you off from the saving grace of Christ. If you do it you are hell bound and damned, unless you repent with true contrition and immediately seek out the sacrament of reconciliation.

If you get married in the Church, and you divorce, you can never marry again. If you do get married anyway, you have committed the sin of adultery, a mortal sin which damns your soul eternally unless you repent with true contrition and immediately seek out the sacrament of reconciliation.

Homosexual acts are forbidden. Homosexuals are called to live celibate and chaste.  There are absolutely no exceptions.

Contraception is forbidden. This includes the 'pulling out method.' It is a grave sin. Condoms, the pill, and all other forms of contraception are forbidden. Sterilization is forbidden. Women will not intentionally make themselves infertile for the purpose of preventing pregnancy. The morning after pill would be classed under murder, in the category of abortion... a mortal and damning sin.

There will never be female priestesses in the Catholic Church.

Fornication of all kinds is mortal sin. All adultery is mortal sin.

Homosexual marriage is forbidden.

Those are non-negotiable. Are they judgmental? You bet! We agree with Christ and His Holy Catholic Church who have judged. Don't even try to pretend that individual Catholics are being  "un-Christlike," we're being very Christlike because it is Christ who has condemned what you allow. If you are a Catholic and you disagree don't get mad at Catholics, get mad at the Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church. Get mad at Jesus Christ.

There is no room for charity when it comes to mortal sin. The Catholic Church has laid it on the line concerning mortal sin... you do it you are excommunicated and you go to hell. Don't expect Catholics to hold your hand and coddle you while you are damning yourself. There is only one thing to tell you in all the above cases: you are wrong, you are not in line with the Catholic Church, and it isn't ok. There is no wiggle room. It is not a matter of conscience. It isn't a grey area, there isn't room for a debate. You are wrong. That is all.

"Every art and every inquiry, and similarly every action and choice, is thought to aim at some good; and for this reason the good has rightly been declared to be that at which all things aim." ~Aristotle~


  1. I've left forums because of this. I just didn't have the patience and prayed for it.

  2. Hey, did you ever get my 'Ex ecclesia nulla Salus' response?

  3. I read a quarter of it and then was interupted by my boys who wanted to wrestle and my daughter who spilled juice. In short, it got crazy at home and facebook was banned at work. I'll get to it sometime this weekend. At first, I was taken back because this would have been our first disagreement and was looking forward to some good ol' charitable catholic showdown. St. Jerome and St. Agustine used to go at it and the Church is better because of it. But I think I was getting the gist that you agree with me but that technically that statement is true; which I'm aware of. I didn't finish but is that close?